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Cernaval Group Shipyards


CERNAVAL GROUP SHIPYARDS consists of Mario López S.A.U and Cernaval S.A.U companies and its activity is ship repairs and maintenance.The aim of CERNAVAL GROUP SHIPYARDS is to execute the work in an efficiency way and providing the quality and security expected by clients.

To achieve our targets we define the present policy based on the following principles:

1.- To establish a direct and continuous relationship with the client and based on the fulfilment of its requirements.

2.- Commitment to apply good practices in environmental matters are transferred to the business and labor levels of all the activities of the Organization, which are carried out directly or indirectly.

3.- To ensure availability and use of sustainable resources needed for the development of its activity through a management focused on the environment protection and by preventing the inappropriate use of resources and pollution.

4.- Within our company, a good working atmosphere is promoted with a secure environment supporting the production and the high standard services.

5.- Provide secure and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and the health deterioration, through the encouragement of workers participation and consultation.

6.- Proporcionar condiciones de trabajos seguras saludables para la prevención de lesiones y deterioro de la salud fomentando la participación y consulta de los trabajadores

7.- Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks.

8.- Commitment written to comply with the content of the agreement of good practices in environmental matters of Ports of the State that the operator may have signed with the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay. This commitment shall involve:

    • Follow the recommendations of this guide and future updates of this guide or new good practice guides.
    • Adoption of the agreed technical measures for the reduction and control of the environmental effects of the activity.
    • Implementation of the agreed technical instructions, referring to the operational control of the environmental aspects of the activity.
    • Reverse a significant fraction of the amount of bonuses received in the improvement of the operator’s environmental role.

Receive external audits by accredited certification companies, which annually verify the correct implementation of the environmental management system and compliance with the agreements reached in the agreements of good practices signed.

Send to the Port Authorities the annual audit reports, prepared by accredited certification companies, as well as any information that the Port Authority deems appropriate to assess compliance with the agreements reached through the good practices agreements.

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